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Excluding the following two venues, all the venues where the Sinfonieorchester Basel hosts concert are wheelchair-accessible.

Not wheelchair-accessible are:

  • Scala Basel, where all the and family concerts take place
  • The Foyer on the 1st floor of the Musical Theater, where some of the concert introductions take place

We offer reduced wheelchair-seats for all our concerts with numbered seating. Please book your seat through the administration office (061 272 25 25). For concerts without numbered seating the reduction of CHF 5 applies. We are happy to reserve wheelchair-seats for those concerts, too.

All venues allow for guide dogs to join the concerts.

Theater Basel and Goetheanum Dornach have a hearing system. If you'd like to use the hearing system or if you have any questions regarding accessibilities please do not hesitate to contact Sabine Hess from the administration office (061 272 25 25).